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Backfitting plan of a "Stainz" with a 4-pin D-Gear, with an eMotion LS Sounddecoder. (Pict 1)
This loco have 1 headlight front and rear, interior lighting, a smoke generator and a simple analogue sound.
The existing main board with interface will be completely removed during these renovations, while we need this place for the decoder.
The old sound will be shut down by disconnecting.

Pict-1: LGB-20212 Stainz

Needed parts:
1x 8211100 LS-Sounddecoder Steam loco
1x 8312108 Micro cable set (thereof 1x 2pol. for Speaker)
1x 8104010 PCB and Decoder Brackets (1 piece from 10piece Set)
1x 8151601 eMOTION Powercap micro (Recommendation for outdoor layouts)


  • Disassemble loco (Remove 2 bolts on the coupling blocks at the bottom and 2 screws for the upper rod holder.)
  • Remove Gear.
  • Remove 4 screws for the cabin and the nut at the smoke stack.
  • Open boiler
  • Unscrew the lead weight in the boiler and remove PCB.
  • Modify lead weight for the fixing of the PCB and Decoder Bracket.

    Pict-2: Mounting decoder

  • Open 4 screws at roof and take sound PCB.
  • Cut wires between speaker and PCB and solder the speaker cable (Pict 4) You can completely remove the switch.

    Stainz-a3 en.jpg
    Pict-3: Speaker connection

  • Solder the light-front cable to the 4pin light cable of LS. (Pict 3)
  • Solder at Pin1 from light-rear the 4pin light cable of LS. (Bild 3)
  • Remove the cable of interior light and solder it also to the 4pin light cable of LS. (Bild 3)
  • You can connect both additional cables from light rear (plug) to track voltage.
  • Snap the decoder in the bracket and put the 4 gear cables to bottom side.

    Pict-4: Mounting light and smoke generator

  • Connect light, F1 and speaker cable to the LS decoder.
  • Solder smoke generator to the 3pin F1 cable of LS decoder (Pict 3)
  • Check now your loco if all works fine.
  • Reassemble loco completely in reverse order.

    Additional hints:
  • Illumination and smoker are 19V, so you should reduce the voltage. The lamps in the Stainz are much too bright. (CV50 = appr. 20 tos 25 and CV53 = appr. 90)
  • At this backfitting we used the original LGB speaker. You can replace it with a better one to improve the sound.
  • We recommend to install a voltage buffer. While the buffer is to large, you have to take it in the cabin. Connect it like the manual to the 3 solder pins of the bottom side of the LS decoder (GND = black, +24V = red, BC = white). Maybe you can camouflage the buffer with coal bag dummies.
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